The emt sleuth

Gas Measured
Range Measured
Temperature Range
0-55 C
Humidity Range
Response Time
15 Seconds
Cross Sensitivity
to Hydrogen
Position Sensitivity
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Product Description
EMT Sleuth
T-Valves (box of 10)
Disposable Mouthpieces (100)
Disposable Mouthpieces (500)
Disposable Mouthpieces (1000)
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The EMT Sleuth is a rugged, watertight, precision instrument that is lighted to detect carbon monoxide day or night in firefighters and in victims of smoke inhalation. This instrument comes with a waterproof foam packed case that will hold the instrument, mouthpieces and a carbon monoxide chart.

The EMT Sleuth displays the amount of carbon monoxide that a firefighter or victim has inhaled from the fire. This instrument displays an indirect, non-evasive measure of blood carboxyhemoglobin (% of COHb) in the person being tested.

The hazards of CO poisoning affects firefighters more than the victims of the fire. Working in a hazardous environment such as burning building, workers should be checked for their levels of CO poisoning after each occurrence because small doses of CO over time may cause permanent damage to the brain and to the heart. Often firefighters take off their mask after the flames are out, but that can be the most dangerous time to be exposed to carbon monoxide. If a firefighter doesn't feel normal after fighting a fire, they should be checked by a physician.

The EMT Sleuth is a very precise way of detecting CO in a victim with exposure to carbon monoxide. The EMT Sleuth takes away the guess work when assessing a patient symptoms or monitoring firefighters after the fire is out.